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The Seattle Whalers Series

All or nothing - seattle whalers book 1

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After my scumbag fiance cheated on me, I decide I need to put a continent between us and land a job with the NHL team in Seattle. Only problem is - I know nothing about hockey. Also I'm trying to forget about the hot, anonymous one-night stand I had in the hotel after my interview. Can I make the fresh start I'm hoping for or will my one-night stand come back to bite me on the ass?


I can't get that sexy redhead out of my mind. We had one incredible night together and then she disappeared without a trace. I'm trying to leave my bad choices and deception in Chicago by getting traded to the Seattle Whalers NHL team. I need to keep my head in the game and not be distracted.

Little do I know that my biggest distraction is about to show up and throw both our fresh starts in to a tailspin.

Will Mila and Matt give each other All or Nothing?

WANTING IT ALL - seattle whalers book 1.5

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Ever wondered what happened the night Beth and Nate went home together after the Dallas game?

It is definitely their 'Meet Hot'.

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All the way - seattle whalers book 2

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Nice guy defenseman Nate has only ever had one girlfriend. Under the strict discipline of his Army father, hockey was everything.

But after a hot as hell hook-up, he falls for naughty, commitment shy make-up artist Beth. He wants to tame this wild girl and together they embark on an erotic ride neither of them will ever forget.

Can Beth open her heart enough to let love in and can Nate overcome the demons of his past?

**Trigger Warning - this book deals with domestic abuse and violence, anxiety, death and grief. As with all the Whalers books, there is plenty of fun, sexy times and banter, but please be aware if these issues are triggers for you, proceed with caution.

All NIGHT LONG - seattle whalers novella book 3


Did you ever have a friend who just gets you? A friend who accepts your love of soppy movies and weird popcorn concoctions? What if that friend happens to be the sexy Captain of the Seattle Whalers NHL team? Cam has kept Bugs on the bench for years; they're friends - that's all. However, one night Cam finally gives into temptation and allows herself a little taste. Will this one night friends with benefits arrangement be enough for either of them?

All she needs - seattle whalers book 4

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Can best friends make it as a couple?

Hyper-organized and committed to her job, Cam loves her life. Left pregnant and confused following a hot hook up with the Whalers captain, she has no idea what to do. She's got a fast paced career as Assistant to team's General Manager and has no time for a baby. Plus, the father just happens to be one of her best friends.

Everyone relies on Warren "Bugs" Parker--he's dependable, solid, and an amazing captain. The only chink in his armor seems to be his best friend. He wants more than friendship with Cam, but he might end up getting more than he bargained for.

How will this pair of friends navigate the trials of impending parenthood and the feelings neither of them want to admit to?

Having it all - seattle whalers book 5


Returning from France after working away, Lana Landon takes a spare room in her big brother Matt's new house. Only problem is he's a super protective, hockey player for the Seattle Whalers. She's come home with a business plan and a broken heart, but there's something more sinister lurking in the dark.

Alex “Thor” Bergman is the Whalers' huge goalie and is the last of his four brothers to settle down. No matter how hard he tries he only seems to attract gold digging puck bunnies who are after his big ... stick.

Can the Swedish giant find true love with a woman who makes the best grilled cheese sandwich he's ever tasted, but who's completely off limits?

**Trigger Warning—this book deals with emotional abuse, physical assault, controlling and stalking behavior. As with all the Whalers books, there is plenty of fun, sexy times, and banter, but please be aware if these issues are triggers for you and proceed with caution.

Other Titles

grading curve - curvy soulmates series

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When a feisty, curvy school principal moves to a sleepy coastal town for a fresh start, she has no idea she'll find love in an unexpected way.


After years in an unhappy marriage, Jess leaves everything behind for a new town and a new job. The only thing missing is a new relationship. Her best friend decides she needs to jump feet first into the dating pool and sets her up a profile on Curve Connection - a dating app for men seeking curvy women. At first she's sceptical and some of the messages she receives don’t help. But then she matches with NerdGuy - a sweet sensitive younger man who just gets her. Could this be the new relationship she's been looking for?


Starting a tech company with his twin brother was always Tate’s dream, but when times got tough, they took a job refitting the tech in a small Elementary school. He arrives expecting to meet a middle aged, matronly principal. However, the woman who crashes into him is a curvy, sexy, sassy pain in his ass. As they begin to work together, she fights him at every turn, but he just loves butting heads with her. Tate knows starting a relationship with Principal Jess Vega is not an option, not while they work together. So instead he turns to Curve Connection to see if he can match with another curvy woman to try and take his mind off Jess's peachy round ass.

Can these two find love online or will it land unexpectantly on their doorstep?


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Being a sniper can be the loneliest member of a Navy SEAL Team – you’re the guy waiting for hours on end for the perfect shot, the shot that will snuff someone’s life out in an instant. It’s a huge weight of responsibility to carry. Especially when you’re the reason your best friend is dead.

Now I’m heading home to Crescent Bay, CA where I hope to avoid the ghosts of my past.


I’ve finally landed my dream job as a kindergarten teacher in Crescent Bay, CA. It’s been my home my whole life and holds so many memories, both good and bad. The worst memory by far was when they brought my big brother home from a tour of duty in a flag covered coffin.

But when I see my teen crush walking down Main Street, I can’t seem to stay away. I need to know the truth about my brother’s death and he’s the only man who knows what really happened.

Meet the men of SEAL Team Romeo. At work, these warriors serve their country, protect the innocent, and generally kick ass. No matter the challenge, or the danger, they always have each other’s six. They’ve been too busy saving the world to find love. Until now.

While on leave, each of them is about to meet their match. These SEALs fight hard...and love harder. Whether she's the girl next door or the one that got away, when the right girl captures a Romeo's heart, she's his for life.

protect my HEART - heart of a wounded hero SERIES

out october 15th


After a traumatic tour of duty in Afghanistan where I lost my canine partner and best friend, I was medically discharged. I decided to retire to northern California, but I’ve got no idea what to do with my life. So when I see a Help Wanted sign at the doggy day care center in Crescent Bay, I decide to put my skills to work. How was I to know that the feisty, red-headed owner with a set of killer curves would set my wounded heart on fire?


When the lost looking man comes into my doggy day care center looking for a job, I’m not sure what to think. He’s massively over-qualified, but looks like he needs this job more than his next breath. And there’s something else about the way he looks at me, like he wants to devour me like the Big Bad Wolf. Despite my reservations, he could be just what I need, not only to help me with my troublesome new canine resident, but to set my quiet little world on fire.

The Heart of the Wounded Hero series was created to pay tribute to and raise awareness of our wounded heroes. Each of the over eighty authors involved have contributed time, money, and stories to the cause. These love stories are inspiring and uplifting, showing the sacrifice of our veterans but also giving them the happily ever after they deserve. By increasing awareness through our books, we believe we can in a small part help the wounded heroes that have sacrificed so much. To see all the books in the series and to support Semper Fi & America's Fund, please go to:

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